Builder: J. Bowden, Porthleven 

Build Date: 1909

Length on Deck: 38.8 ft (11.83m)

Beam: 11.5 ft (3.5m)

Displacement: 19 Tonnes

Thames Tonnage: 18

Draught: 7.5 ft (2.29m)

Present Location: Northern Europe

Owner: Roger Capps


Dolphin and Olga were both built by John Bowden of Porthleven Cornwall in 1909. Dolphin is the only surviving cutter with a transom stern, apart from Breeze, which may have originally had a counter stern.

Her early history is still shrouded in mystery and various theories have been put forward regarding Dolphin’s early career. It is almost certain that Dolphin was not her original name.

The first definite conformation of ownership is in the early 1920’s when she was bought by  Victor Allcard from Appledore, she appears in Lloyds Lists as a yacht. Allcard sold her to Emma Maud Weedingin in 1933 who in turn sold Dolphin to her friend George Nash in 1949. There is a fine photograph of Maud, George and his wife in the cockpit). Nash became the curator of the National Maritime Museum, owned her until his death when Dolphin became the property of his son. George had frequently sailed to Holland and once to Norway. He set light to her once and sunk her once or twice.

Roger Capps bought Dolphin in 1998. After an unfortunate sinking in Dournanez and a more unfortunate time with with the insurance company he sailed eastwards in 2003 to the Baltic and then northward to the Arctic and Dolphin has remained there.