Builder: E Rowles , Pill, near Bristol 

Build Date: 1903

Length on Deck: 45 ft (13.71 m)

Beam: 12.5 ft (3.81 m)

Displacement: 23 Tonnes

Thames Tonnage: 22

Draught: 7.6 ft (2.31 m)

Present Location: Bristol

Owner: Diccon Pridie


Peggy was built for pilot Richard Arthur Case in 1903 by Edwin ‘ Cracker’ Rowles at his yard in Pill on the Avon.  Originally named ‘ Wave’ she was No. 10 and carried that number on her mainsail.

She was converted to a yacht be Moody’s in the 1920’s and registered as Peggy in London. She has been owned since 1973 by Mr. Diccon Pridie and she is in Bristol City Docks.